[Gretl-users] yahoo_get package to be removed soon

Sven Schreiber svetosch at gmx.net
Mon Sep 11 15:32:36 EDT 2017


as has been discussed on this list, the yahoo_get function package 
--which was a "Downloader of daily financial data from Yahoo"-- no 
longer works as intended, due to permanent server-side changes at Yahoo.
Therefore that package will be removed soon from the function package 
repository, i.e. will not be downloadable from within gretl anymore. If 
for some reason the package is still useful for you (don't know why, but 
hey...) you should make a personal backup copy of it (that is, of the 
file yahoo_get.gfn).

Note that the helper function gap_filler() from yahoo_get.gfn has been 
transplanted to the new package extra.gfn which was just published 
today. No need to keep yahoo_get around just for that, instead you would 
just do 'include extra.gfn'.


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