[Gretl-users] WG: append horizontal and vertical

Schaff, Frederik Frederik.Schaff at fernuni-hagen.de
Tue Sep 19 10:36:01 EDT 2017

> Am 19.09.2017 um 15:24 schrieb Schaff, Frederik:
> >
> >> Am 19.09.2017 um 11:36 schrieb Schaff, Frederik:
> >>
> >>> I am trying to load a bunch of data into gretl, with a structure
> >>> similar to the attached files (time 1600), i.e. I have horizontal
> >>> and vertical appending at the same time.
> > Ok, I guess the script and files attached are self-explanatory, but I'll try to
> explain it without them.
> Yes, sorry, I don't have time right now to look at your files in detail.
> According to the help for 'append', your horizontal/vertical thing is supported
> in principle. ("The appended data may take the form of either additional
> observations on series already present in the dataset, and/or new series.")
> AFAICS, "new series" is equivalent to your "horizontal", and "additional obs"
> == "vertical".
> Note the condition given in the help: "In the case of adding series,
> compatibility requires either (a) that the number of observations for the new
> data equals that for the current data, or (b) that the new data carries clear
> observation information so that gretl can work out how to place the values."
> Is that the case for your files?
> Also, using an explicit 'setobs' command after loading the first dataset might
> possibly help.
> good luck,
> sven

Setobs does not help. I found a small typo, but that effects only the "first" anomaly (one series was added twice, why gretl switched from horicontal to vertical appending). However, this may hint to the internal procedure. I guess gretl has a problem with adding observations record in pieces. I.e., consider the dataset as rows with data (+) or missing values (0) separated by |. First, gretl correctly appends to the right (increasing the items from the given observation record). But when I "move" to the next row, gretl directly fills missing values with n/a and then, in the next steps, does not fill in the missing values but produces a new observation record with lots of missing values, each time:

open a1 -> +|
append a2  -> ++|
append a3 -> +++|

works, but then it becomes

append b1 -> +++|+00
append b2 -> +++|+00|0+0
append b3 -> +++|+00|0+0|00+

instead of
append b1 -> +++|+
append b2 -> +++|++
append b3 -> +++|+++

Any idea how to change that? I thought that starting from the second record the option " --update-overlap" would help, but it doesn't. Is there a way to explicitly provide a "key" for append?

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