[Gretl-users] winsor function moved to package extra.gfn

Sven Schreiber svetosch at gmx.net
Thu Sep 21 04:38:51 EDT 2017

the 'winsor' function to perform winsorization (a kind of trimming) on 
series has been transplanted from the winsor.gfn package to the updated 
version of the extra.gfn package.
('extra' is a growing collection of individual smaller functions that 
are useful mainly for scripting, but also for general use.)

Therefore I will remove the winsor.gfn package from the package server. 
Thanks a lot to Jason He / JoshuaHe for contributing the original winsor 

To use the transplanted function it should be enough to do something 
like this (after an 'install extra.gfn' if it isn't there already):

include extra.gfn
series y_winsorized = winsor(y)

... for an existing y series.
As always, if something doesn't work, we welcome bug reports or 
questions here or on the sourceforge tracker (sourceforge.net/p/gretl/bugs).


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