[Gretl-users] Couple issues I encountered with Gretl

Sven Schreiber svetosch at gmx.net
Fri Sep 29 13:01:32 EDT 2017

Am 25.09.2017 um 02:46 schrieb Guy Krug:
> Hi there,
> Couple things I noticed in using Gretl on my Mac.

Thanks for reporting.

> First is it localized to Japanese for some reason on install. 

We actually had a bug report a couple of months back from a user with 
the same problem. The workaround to delete the Japanese (and other?) 
language environment did help, but of course is not a real fix. Strange 
thing, we'll keep an eye open.

> Second I noticed that there was recently code added (07/23) to handle 
> quotations on importing CSVs. I have a CSV with names in it and some 
> names have quotations (like O'Brien). 

I'm not sure if that counts as a quotation in the sense of what was 
added. (I don't remember.) It's an apostrophe character (we sometimes 
have similar things in German) but not a quotation mark which should 
usually come in pairs.

Anyway, if you could respond to Allin's previous question about your 
language settings that would be helpful.


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